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Content is a highly important part of SEO, without content the search engines will not get enough information to get your pages index correctly and help your pages or posts to rank. If you do not have a solid SEO strategy, then pages on your websites won’t get visible to anyone on search engines. Your Pages without a strong SEO strategy will be live on the website but won’t get any visitors.

Content with SEO strategy improves the visibility of your page on Google SERP which drives traffic to your website and helps people to take interest in your product or services.

What is SEO Friendly Content?
SEO Friendly Content includes quality content, images, videos, that you display to your visitors on your website.
Google Search Engine focuses on search results that deliver valuable and relevant results to the users.

How Do You Write SEO Friendly Content?
For lots of years, The Google Search algorithm continue to change. They pay close attention to these changes, they tell users how to be in top numbers on the SERPs.

SEO Friendly content is not just any type of content, it needs to be of high quality and useful to the users. User experience is an important factor in Ranking, Google decides which content should rank in the search for top positions.

For example, if you have an article, then the best trick to rank your blog post is to write SEO Friendly Content that provides more value than other websites on search engines having the same topic.

To write SEO Friendly Content You Need To Know Some Points:

  1. Content-Length: To rank, content having 1000+ words has been shown analyzed to rank better on search engines. However, it’s important to keep paragraphs short less than 120 words.
  2. Content Readability: Search engines give priority to those content that has a good reading level so that readers understand the content easily.
  3. Tone of Voice: Keeping a constant tone of voice help the reader to understand the perspective of the content at which you are writing.
  4. Format: The way content is written plays an important role in SEO. Using headlines in your SEO Friendly Content helps readers to easily navigate the content, Using bullet points in your content allows users to find the important points in your content that users should pay attention to.
  5. Keywords: To find what words are written in content, we rely on keyword research. Keywords help search engines to easily understand that the content is based on a particular topic.
  6. Linkings: As per Google, internal linking to other pages on the website and backlinks from other websites help improve SEO.

What are Common Mistakes in Content?

  1. Using Wrong Keywords
    The most effective to rank is to target long-tail keywords that have high search volume but low ranking competition.
  2. Using Lots Of Keywords
    Using one focus keyword for one page is good. Ensure that you do not stuff a page with keywords, on doing keyword stuffing Google will penalize you for doing illegal activities.
  3. Missing Title Tags And Meta Description
    Title and meta description helps Goole understand the perspective of a page when it gets crawled. So do ensure that titles and meta descriptions have enriched keywords.
  4. Poor Linkings
    Google likes the content which provides sources for your content that help users to understand the content easily. Make sure to use interlinking on your website, to pass SEO juice to other pages.

Another important linking strategy is making backlinks. Do not use black hat techniques to get backlinks such as buying them.

Now you get to know how important is SEO Friendly Content, speak to a Professional content expert about how you can create the right content to increase your website visibility on search engines.

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